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Eva Drzhizgova - Jirushova (soprano), Czechia

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"Spring in Russia"

Все участники "Spring in Russia"
уже высказалось Eva Drzhizgova - Jirushova (soprano), Czechia (0)

Eva Drzhizgova - Jirushova (soprano), Czechia - более подробно

The repertoire of the singer includes, mainly, products of the Czech composers (in particular Leosha Janacheka), the Italian operas, and also song cycles (Schubert, Dvorak, Janachek, Rakhmaninov). Last years often acts with sacred music concerts.

Eva Drzhizgova - Jirushova has been three times nominated for the prestigious Czech award "Waist" for party execution in L.Janacheka's opera "Lisichka-cheat" (1994), and for исполнени parties Mimi in an opera Puccini's "Bohemia" (1996) and Melisandy in an opera «Pelleas and Melisanda» Debussy (1998) it this award has been awarded. Co-operates with the Czech radio where prepared and let out own music programs.
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