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Tchaikovsky Srting Quartet

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"Spring in Russia"

"Spring in Russia"
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Tchaikovsky Srting Quartet -

     As a professional ensemble the Quartet exists starting from 1985, though it was founded much earlier - in 1975, when the Quartet became the winner of the International B.Bartok Festival in Budapest. Then young musicians, graduates of the Moscow Conservatoire, have captured the sympathy of the audience with their sincerity and high professionalism. In 1985 experienced musicians met again to join the ensemble. The Quartet is joined by the following musicians - Lev Maslovsky (first violin), Zakhar Malakhov (second violin), Sergey Baturin (viola), Kirill Rodin (cello).

The execution of the Quartet, that has inherited the best traditions of the Russian performing school, is significant for deep feelings and refinement, that affords not only to impress the audience, but to become - in a very short period of time- one of the leading quartets in Russia. This creative period was crowned with the victory at the International Bucchi Competition in Rome

Tchaikovsky Quartet tours a lot in various countries: Hungary, Germany, Mexico, Italy, France, South Korea, Spain, and, of course, performs numerous concerts in Russia, and always their execution is a great success, evoking enthusiastic acclaim of the public and press. TV and Radio Companies do not disregard the Quartet. The musicians has recorded several CDs. In short popularity gained by selfless labour.

 The first violin LEV MASLOVSKIY

Is the soloist of Moscow concert philharmonic association. Lev graduated from Tbilisi state conservatory then post-graduate courses. He is bright original violinist, his wielding an instrument is masterly, his performing technique is high and demonstrates delicate taste and ensemble mastery. Charming sound of his violin and delicate sense of form let Lev be the real leader of the quartet. The musician is also in creative search improving his skills and talent.

Zakhar Malakhov (second violin)

Is the youngest participant of the quartet. Zakhar graduated from Moscow Shnitke institute. Despite his young age he fit in the existing collective very successfully. From the very beginning he reviled himself as ensemblist following the traditions of the quartet. The sound of his violin is very beautiful and his touches are perfect.

Sergey Baturin (viola)

Is honored artist of Russia, laureate of international competitions. He graduated from Moscow state conservatory and has been the director of the quartet form the day of its foundation and its founder. He possesses intense and beautiful sound and sense of style. His fascination and artistry gained the sympathy of audience. Sergey wields the instrument perfectly and together with cellist forms excellent base for the quartet. Sergey is the author and art director of the International festival of chamber music Spring in Russia.

Kirill Rodin (cello)

Is the laureate of International Tchaikovsky competition (1st prize and Golden medal) and International competition of musicians in Belgrade (1st prize and Golden medal), soloist of Moscow state philharmonic society, associate professor of Moscow state conservatory. As a soloist Kirill tours much in Russia and abroad, he is a member of jury of some international competitions. Kirill is a wonderful soloist and ensemblist and he became very bright figure in the quartet.

Manager of the quartet NINA NOVAK

Has been cooperating with the quartet from the day of its foundation. She makes the projects in the cooperation with the firms Daimler Chrusler and Mercedes Benz, with Russian culture foundation, Culture committee of Moscow government, Culture center of France. Nina is the director-coordinator of International festival of chamber music Spring in Russia which is carried out in the cooperation with Culture committee of Moscow government, founder of the festival.


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